Cold Appetizers

Soguk Mezeler – Cold Appetizers


Baba Ghanoush                                                                        $6

Pureed eggplant flavored with green pepper, roasted red pepper onion, lemon juice,

olive oil and garlic.


Hummus                                                                                   $5

Mashed chick peas with fresh garlic flavored with tahini and Anatolia’s unique herbs

and spices.

Antep Ezme – Spicy Veggie Paste                                     $6

Tomatoes, green peppers, onion, cucumbers and pickles accented with red

pepper flakes and pomegranate juice


Koz Patlican Ezme – Roasted Eggplant Paste                    $6

Fresh flamed roasted eggplant with strained yogurt with olive oil and walnuts


Haydari – Lebni – a yogurt dish                                          $6

Strained yogurt with walnuts, fresh dill, a touch of garlic and mint. A delightfully

creamy treat for the pallet.


Piyaz – White Bean Salad                                                  $5

Turkish white beans tossed with sweet onion, parsley and tomato dressed with

olive oil and lemon juice. Served with hard boiled eggs on the side.


Kuru Cacik – Cucumber and yogurt                                     $5

Made with chopped cucumber and blended with garlic and fresh mint in yogurt

topped with a touch of olive oil.


Yaprak Sarma – Grape Leaves                                          $6

Grape leaves stuffed with rice and onions seasoned with Anatolia’s special

herb and spices to reflect the regional taste of Izmir.


Yogurtlu Ispanak – Spinach with yogurt                              $6

Spinach sautéed with garlic and onions served with yogurt.


Anatolia’s Mixed Meze                                                       $16

Combination platter of any 5 of the above cold appetizers.