Hot Appetizers

Sicak Mezelar – Hot Appetizers


Arnavut Cigeri – Fried veal liver                                          $9

Cubed veal liver sautéed in oil served with onions, tomato and parsley with

a touch of lemon. You’ve never tasted liver so fine!


Calamari                                                                           $9

Tender octopus fried lightly and served with Anatolia’s sauce on the side.


Mucver- Zucchini Pancakes                                                          $7

Delicate pancakes made with zucchini, carrots, red pepper garlic, onions,

parsley and dill.


Sigara Borek                                                                                    $7

Gently fried, crispy filo dough fingers filled with feta cheese


Pacanga Borek                                                                                $10

Gently fried filo pastry filled with pastrami and tomato


Hummus and Pastrami                                                                   $10

Our hummus served hot with pastrami. A real treat!